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oso events: Your Top San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Planner – 8 Reasons Why We Stand Out

Updated: Jan 8

Wedding at Gallery 308 Fort Mason Center in San Francisco

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, commitment, and the beginning of a beautiful journey. At oso events, we understand the significance of this day, and our dedicated team is here to transform your dream wedding into a reality. We proudly serve the SF Bay Area Peninsula, including San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose, Santa Cruz, Monterey and beyond. As trusted wedding and event planners, we pride ourselves bringing our clients' dream day to life. Here are seven reasons why oso events is the ideal choice for your special day:

  1. Dynamic Duo of Expertise: Meet the oso events team — Michelle and Raymundo. We are a husband-wife duo, two career professionals with complementary skill sets, bringing a unique approach to making your wedding dreams a reality. Raymundo, equipped with an MBA, handles negotiations, ensuring optimal value for your budget. Born and raised in the SF Bay Area, Michelle, our wedding expert, goes beyond planning; she's your dedicated partner, adding a personalized touch to every detail. Together, we bring a blend of business acumen and creative expertise to create a wedding experience that's as professional as it is personal.

  2. Open Communication: Open lines of communication are the cornerstone of our approach at oso events. We understand that planning a wedding is a journey, and we want you to feel supported every step of the way. As your dedicated San Francisco Bay Area wedding planners, our commitment to open communication goes beyond the ordinary. No matter which package you choose, we offer unlimited communication to ensure that your experience is seamless and stress-free. Whether you have a sudden burst of inspiration, a new idea, or a concern that needs addressing, we encourage you to reach out to us. Schedule check-in calls at your convenience, and we'll be there to listen, guide, and collaborate with you.

  3. Transparency: Transparency is at the core of our values at oso events, particularly when it comes to our pricing and booking process. We operate on the principle of openness, ensuring there are no hidden fees or unexpected surprises along the way. To make the process even more accessible, you can easily find all our pricing details on our website. At oso events, we don't believe in gatekeeping. Instead, our goal is to empower you with the information you need to make confident and informed decisions throughout the entire planning journey. We understand the importance of clarity, especially when it comes to your special day, and we're committed to providing you with a seamless and straightforward experience.

  4. Access to Aisle Planner: At oso events, we're committed to enhancing your wedding planning experience. That's why we've bid farewell to cumbersome Google spreadsheets and partnered with Aisle Planner—a powerful tool tailored for you. This user-friendly platform centralizes all crucial wedding details, from guest lists to vendor information. With Aisle Planner, effortlessly track budgets, payment dates, and more—all in one convenient place. It transforms the planning process into a seamless and enjoyable experience, reflecting our commitment to utilizing technology for an efficient and stress-free journey toward your dream wedding. You can learn more about more about Aisle Planner here.

  5. Your Sincere Advocates: At oso events, we pride ourselves on sincerity and genuine support. Consider us your wedding advocates. We provide honest advice throughout the planning process, ensuring that your choices align with your vision and values. Your happiness is our top priority, and we'll go the extra mile to make your dream wedding come true.

  6. Access to Preferred Vendors: Our network of trusted vendors, lovingly called "friendors," allows us, your San Francisco Bay Area wedding planners, to offer you not only high-quality services but also exclusive discounts. By booking through us, you not only secure a better deal but also save time and effort in sourcing vendors independently for your wedding. Let us vet the vendors for you, ensuring that every element of your celebration meets the highest standards.

  7. Sustainable Decor Solutions: oso events is committed to sustainability. We understand the environmental impact of weddings, which is why we offer full-planning clients complimentary use of items from our decor inventory. For partial and concierge clients, these items are available at a discounted rental price. This not only saves you the hassle of sourcing decor but also contributes to a more eco-friendly celebration. You can see our decor inventory here.

  8. Giving Back to the Community: Your joyous celebration contributes to something greater. We believe in giving back, and as your San Francisco Bay Area wedding planners, we donate 10% of our profits to a non-profit organization. By choosing oso events for your wedding, you're not just investing in your dream; you're also contributing to a positive impact in the community.

Choosing oso events means having a reliable partner dedicated to bringing your dream wedding to life. Our approach prioritizes your vision through open communication and transparent practices. With Aisle Planner, we simplify the planning process without the fuss of spreadsheets. Beyond your celebration, we're committed to sustainability and community impact. oso events is about creating meaningful memories and leaving a positive mark. Let us make your wedding journey easy, and uniquely yours.

To start your journey with us, visit our website and fill out the contact form here. We'll reach out to send a link for scheduling a call. We look forward to chatting and learning more about how we can help with your wedding day!

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