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A Beautiful Blend of Love and Color: Kim and Vanessa's Berkeley Wedding

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Brazilian Room Berkeley Wedding

Today, I'm excited to share Kim and Vanessa's beautiful wedding day with you. The ceremony at the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens was stunning, with lush greenery and colorful blooms providing the perfect backdrop for their heartfelt vows. The florals by Nununectar really brought everything together — everything from the grounded floral arch, to the bouquets were just perfect. The reception, held at the nearby Brazilian Room, was an absolute blast. The music being played by DJ Party Ardi kept guests dancing all night and created such of a fun environment for all of the guests!

Brazilian Room Berkeley Wedding

For the reception, we repurposed their grounded arch from the ceremony to decorate their sweetheart table. We also brought in elegant bud vases as centerpieces, to further reduce floral waste and overall spend on flowers.

What truly made this day special, though, was the genuine joy and love between Kim and Vanessa. Their smiles were infectious. Laughter, shared moments, tears of joy, and heartfelt well-wishes filled the day. As a wedding planner, truly the most special part of my job is being able to witness the incredibly overwhelming love that is always present in the room for our couple. It is also a bittersweet moment for me knowing that my time with the couple is coming to an end.

Here's a practical tip you can consider for your own wedding: repurpose your ceremony arch to decorate your sweetheart table! It's a meaningful and cost-effective way to add charm to your reception while reducing waste. Just make sure to check in with your florists first, as it may change which mechanics they use and how they put together the floral arrangement!


Wedding Planner: oso events

Ceremony Venue: UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens

Reception Venue: The Brazilian Room

Caterer: Montperi

Photography and Videography: Timeless Trees

Florist: Nununectar

DJ: Party Ardi

HMUA: Blendline Beauty

Dessert Bar: CA Bakehouse

Transporation: Dyer

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